The pursuit of cruelty-free: a simple LUSH review

‘Lush Ltd. is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Mark Constantine, a trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist. They met in a hair and beauty salon in Poole, England. A few years later, they decided to branch out and start their own business selling natural hair and beauty products.’ – Wikipedia.

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My 2017 resolutions…

NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Actually, I’m quite happy being myself for now…but maybeΒ getting rid ofΒ a few bad habits and gaining some new ones instead might be nice!

So here areΒ my 2017 resolutions, and just for the record, I never keep up my resolutions for the whole year! The reason there are so many is so that an odd couple of them I can take up for one month as a more realistic, short term goal. For instance, last year I gave up drinking alcohol for one month! I still sent out partying, but I got to do it in a totally different way AND give my liver a break at the same time. (I’d recommend it if your partial to a good cocktail or two as well, its amazing how refreshing it can feel.)

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Unnatural Selection: Tusklessness in Elephants

A brilliant archaeologist…one to watch if you enjoy reading about animals, food and global issues regarding the beautiful planet we call home! πŸ‘


This is part three of a series of blog posts, click here to see the first post. This post is on the unnatural selection pressures of poachers on African elephants and how more and more elephants are now tuskless.

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