The Underrated 7 (Part two)

(SPOILER ALERT: the following non-profitย article is my personal opinion of some of my beloved childhood Disney films that I feel have been over-looked by my generation and in order to open up a few eyes, minor plot details are revealed. Do NOT read if you feel this may not be what you’re looking for!)

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The Yorkshire Hare interior design

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Unnatural Selection: Tusklessness in Elephants

A brilliant archaeologist…one to watch if you enjoy reading about animals, food and global issues regarding the beautiful planet we call home! ๐Ÿ‘


This is part three of a series of blog posts, click here to see the first post. This post is on the unnatural selection pressures of poachers on African elephants and how more and more elephants are now tuskless.

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A short poem from me to you…

โ€˜Last nightโ€™


Shelley India Dunn.


Crimson curtains close,

The CRACK of dawn,

Breaks the heart-shaped glass.


Endless echoes carried on,

The warm winds turn,

Birdsong into ASH.


The river and waters run,

RED and reflect,

The flames above.


Thunder rumbles low,

And HOT lightening reigns,

Over the thirsty earth.


Crumbling ruins seen,

Through the deep black fog,

Burn bright with every DROP.


A flash of silver and,

This artificial night,

Puts all the world to sleep.