The Underrated 7 (Part one)

(SPOILER ALERT: the following non-profit article is my personal opinion of some of my beloved childhood Disney films that I feel have been over-looked by my generation and in order to open up a few eyes, minor plot details are revealed. Do NOT read if you feel this may not be what you’re looking for!)


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Think you’ve watched every animated Disney film? Looking for something a little different after over-playing Let It Go a million times? Or perhaps just want to know that there are others like you out there that obsess over ‘the little guys’ of Disney that no one else seems to remember? And of course, for all those who simply appreciate a good Walt Disney masterpiece… you’re welcome in advance! So, in no particular order lets reveal my underrated Disney picture number ONE…


1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

…follow the life of Milo James Thatch, an under-appreciated Linguist and cartographer (voiced by Michael J. Fox), as he embarks on a daring adventure to uncover the lost and sunken city of Atlantis. In doing so he, and his team of misfits, unearth a world of forgotten culture AND those who dwell within! And, it is here that we are introduced to the princess of the people Kidagakash (portrayed by Cree Summer), or Kida for short, who opens Milo’s eyes to change, adventure, love…and the truth behind his companions mission in Atlantis. Unfortunately for Milo and Kida’s blossoming romance, It is not long before antagonist Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke (James Garner) and his band of mercenaries take matters into their own hands and bring the sunken city to its knees…TENSION, GRIT & WATERWORKS ENSUE!

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Why watch it?

  • A magnificent soundtrack…with NO sing-songs
  • Strong female characters
  • Subverted Disney prince stereotype
  • Historical and fantasy genres UNITE!
  • Well-rounded characters
  • Comedy
  • Public displays of affection…or rather the lack of!
  • Unisex (AND for audiences of all ages)

Click the link below to view an unofficial trailer by Movieclips Trailer Vault via Youtube:

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Trailer – DISCLAIMER: Credit for this Trailer goes entirely to Movieclips Trailer Vault of Youtube, Subscribe and share.

(DISCLAIMER: I MADE/OWN NOTHING. I am not responsible for the production, advertisement, or animation behind these fantastic movies/trailers/images. Nor do I own, or take credit for, the images present in this article. This is simply my personal review of some of my favourite childhood movies. All rights reserved by Disney.)


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